TOUR SEASON IS HERE: We are busy as busy-bees working out details for the season. We have dates up for Fairhaven Sin and Gin starting in June. We hope to get more events on the calendar asap - See our calendar and/or subscribe to our newsletter for current events! Don’t forget we offer private tours and events ALL YEAR!


explore the history of vice in bellingham with our costumed guides, from the early wild-west days through the prohibition era and beyond. 

Sin & Gin tours run every weekend June-September, in both downtown and fairhaven (bellingham's 'south side'). 



Explore Bellingham's changing attitudes about “having a good time on the old town”  with our costumed guides, who will take you through the rise and fall of the town's red-light-district and saloon culture through the prohibition era when it all went underground!

Afterwards those of legal age are welcome to wet your whistle with us at (TBD) watering hole.

The tour lasts about an hour and is under one mile, meets at the corner of Holly and Bay Streets by the Rocket statue (306 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA 98225)

(18+ suggested for adult content)

7 pm Friday or Saturday Nights June-September

$22 (plus tax) drink option 21+ with valid id

$17 (Plus tax) non-drink option

WE ARE RE-VAMPING THIS TOUR AND WILL announce premiere date for june soon. dates are up for july-september! Fairhaven sin and gin dates are up for june!

Fairhaven Sin & Gin

Bellingham's quaint south-side neighborhood was once called “the center of prostitution on Bellingham Bay." This lovely shopping district started out as a sort of wild west-style den of sin… full of brothels and saloons!  Find out more about the little town whose founding father was called "Dirty Dan."  

To wind up the tour, we offer a drink option for those 21+ with valid ID from The Archer Ale House! 

The tour runs about an hour and is under one mile meets at the gazebo on the corner of Harris Avenue and 10th Street (Outside Whimsy 1003 Harris Ave)

(18+ suggested for adult content)

7 pm Saturday nights June - September

$22 (plus tax) drink option (21+ with valid id)

$17 (plus tax) non-drink option


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