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"The Good Time Girls represent a chance for profound discussion about the history of our bayside community. "

—what's up magazine, summer 2011


"The Good Time Girls...are a blast from the past...the only business providing regular guided historical walking tours in Bellingham since 2011. "

—NORTH sound life, january 14, 2015


"...hilarious, yet intelligent, take on the tawdry history of the seaport city of Bellingham, Washington. All the while dressed in period piece corsets, bustles, and bits of clothing I’m not even remotely familiar with. Sin and Gin, indeed!"




"Since the summer of 2011 these two girls have re-created history in a unique style." or "Marissa and Sara are making things happen in Bellingham and adding their unique touch to our local history."



"[The Good Time Girls] historical guided walking tours of Bellingham highlight overlooked groups—indigenous peoples, sex workers, immigrants and profiteers—to help educate,entertain and inspire tour goers by introducing them to relatable characters of Bellingham’s past."

— whatcom history blog, february 8, 2012


"I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night than strolling through the historic streets of Bellingham with a couple of Good Time Girls touring the town’s whorehouses... For $20, it’s a steal of a down and dirty good time in Bellingham."

— wanderlust and lipstick, june 25, 2012

"[Good Time Girls] are particularly interested in giving voice to those women who lived outside of what many considered proper “society,” and exploring their unique stories. They have chosen to talk about sex workers, rough ‘n tumble laborers, immigrants and other marginalized groups because they believe more people should be talking about them."

— travel and Tour World, january 31, 2014


"If you’re up for more than a slingshot trip across the border, consider spending some time in this historic town and learning about its sordid history from the entertaining and lively Good Time Girls and their variety of tours that focus on the area’s gritty past."

— miss 604, october 9, 2012


"Tour goers are taken back in time to Victorian-age Bellingham by visiting former brothel locations, such as the Horseshoe Cafe, and learning about the city’s significant prostitution business during the 1900s. Each tour guide struts down the streets in Victorian lingerie, including a cinched corset, heels and, of course, a saucy attitude."

— klipsun magazine, march 15, 2015


"But when Friday comes, they do up their hair, put on corsets and Victorian undergarments and slather on rogue and lipstick. They become the 'Good Time Girls.' ''

— blue ridge times, july 11, 2011