DOWNTOWN:  Explore Bellingham's changing attitudes about “having a good time in the old town.”  We’ll cover the rise and fall of the the town's red-light-district and saloon culture through the prohibition era when it all went “underground.”   
FAIRHAVEN:  Fairhaven was called “the center of prostitution on Bellingham Bay. The lovely shopping district we have now started out as a sort of wild west-style den of sin… full of brothels and saloons!  


DOWNTOWN:  Creepy tales from Bellingham’s crypts – unsettling hauntings, strange happenings and horrific true crimes.  

FAIRHAVEN:  Explore the spooky side of old Fairhaven, Bellingham’s “haunted hot-spot.” Local lore and ghost stories, murders and other macabre topics. 


WHATCOM CREEK: Basic Bellingham history 101: Explore the birth-site of the town and the “noisy waters” of Whatcom Creek.  Visit two of the oldest buildings in town and learn the history of Old Town and Maritime Heritage Park.

HOLLY STREET HISTORY:  Explore Bellingham’s historically main arterial street.  Stories and snapshots of bygone days on the old main drag. 

SEHOME/STATE STREET: Learn about the little mining town of Sehome and the street formerly known as "Elk"

SOUTH-SIDE STORIES: An introduction to historic Fairhaven, once its own little town with big aspirations. Hear about Fairhaven's wild-west glory days featuring lively characters such as “Dirty Dan” Harris.  

COLUMBIA-ELDRIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD:  Stroll through one of Bellingham’s oldest neighborhoods and hear tales of pioneer families, Victorian houses, parks, schools, churches, stores, and more!