Earl Willard was born 28 Aug 1888 (the year is debatable, give or take one or two) in Michigan to William C. Willard and Sarah Coffey.  His older brother Leo was born around 1884.  Earl and Leo’s mother Sarah died in Michigan when they were very young.  

Their father William C. Willard was born about 1863 in Michigan to Jabez and Arvilla (Church) Willard.  Jabez appears to have died before 1887, when Arvilla is listed as widowed in city directories in Michigan.  

After the death of Earl’s mother Sarah, William C. Willard remarried Isabella Burgman in August of 1899 in Perth, Ontario, Canada.  

Earl’s Grandmother Arvilla Willard is listed in a Spokane city directory in 1892.  Another son Luther Willard, (Earl’s uncle) is also listed there in the 1890s.  

By 1895 Earl’s grandmother and uncle, Arvilla and Luther Willard, were living in Seattle.  Luther later lived in Tacoma and Everett.

Earl Willard is listed with his brother Leo and father and stepmother, William C. Willard and Isabella, in the 1900 U.S. Census in Saginaw, Michigan.  William C Willard’s occupation is listed as a “dealer in wood”.  Leo was working as a delivery boy and Earl was in school.

By 1904, Earl’s brother Leo, his father and stepmother had moved to Bellingham, along with grandma Arvilla.  Presumably Earl came too, but wasn’t listed in directories.  In 1904 Leo Willard was listed on Commercial Street working as a clerk for “Standard Furniture Co.”  Grandma Arvilla is listed at 2314 Jaeger Street.  William and Isabelle are listed at 2308 Lynn Street, with William working as a “confectioner.”  The next year William C. was at 2310 Kulshan Street, where he lived for several years and worked as a “fruit dealer.”

William C. and second wife Isabella had two more children who were both born in Bellingham: Clarence in 1904 and Evelyn in 1905.  

In March of 1907, Earl married Lena T. Bruce, both listed as being age 20.  Lena was also born in Michigan, but she had been living in Ferndale with her family according to the 1900 Federal Census.  

Around 1910 Earl and Lena moved to Vancouver B.C., where they are listed in the 1911 Census of Canada on Granville Street, with Earl working as an electrician. By 1917 the couple was in Seattle.  The marriage apparently dissolved sometime after 1920.  Lena went on to remarry several times.

Earl Willard moved to Los Angeles by 1930 and continued working as an electrician/contractor.  At around 1935/age 47 he remarried to Mae Anna (Elkey) Bunker. As far as I can tell Earl never had any children of his own.

An interesting tidbit about Earl’s second wife Mae is that her first husband was a man named Emil "Edward" N. Bunker, with whom she had a son, Charles.

Stay with me here: Mae’s ex-husband Emil/Edward Bunker later went on to father another son with a different woman after their divorce. That son was Edward H. "Eddie" Bunker... or this guy:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Bunker  a.k.a. the guy who played MR. BLUE in the movie Reservoir Dogs. He achieved literary fame by writing about his life in institutions. His upbringing was obviously less than stellar.  No direct relation to Earl of course, but interesting that this was his stepson's half-brother!