Three FREE Summer Tours!



We’re excited to announce this opportunity to get outside and get some FREE Belling-history this summer with three guided historical tours in partnership with the Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department.

Good Time Girl guides will lead three different historical walking tours based around Maritime Heritage Park and Whatcom Creek!

These three tours are indeed FREE - but space is limited and registration is required.

These filled up quick! We are sorry if you didn’t make it in time - we hope to offer more tours with Bellingham Parks in the near future! For more information on our commercially available tours click here:

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Sunday, June 30th - Whatcom Creek History Tour

Let our guides teach you some Belling-history 101 while exploring the “noisy waters” of Whatcom Creek, the birth-site of our town. Visit two of the oldest buildings in town and learn the history of Old Town and Maritime Heritage Park.

The tour lasts about an hour and is less than one mile and is suitable for all ages and sensibilities.

Space is limited – reservations required:


Sunday, July 28th – Sin and Gin Tour

This popular guided walking tour will let you explore Bellingham's changing attitudes about “having a good time on the old town.” Our costumed guide will take you through the rise and fall of the town's red-light-district and saloon era through prohibition when it all went underground!

The tour lasts about an hour and is less than one mile, and is rated mature for adult-themed topics.

Space is limited – reservations required:

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Saturday, August 17th - Gore and Lore Tour

Explore the spooky history of down town Bellingham with a costumed guide, who will regale you with creepy tales from Bellingham’s crypts – unsettling hauntings, strange historical happenings and horrific true crimes in the dark heart of our city.

This tour runs around 90 minutes, with a total distance less than 1 mile. Parental discretion advised for potentially scary, violent and gory topics.

Space is limited – reservations required:

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Founded in 2011, the Good Time Girls provide regular guided historical walking tours of Bellingham, with a special focus on vice and quirky history. Great for locals and tourists alike, we’ll show you Belling-history like you’ve never seen it before, with well-researched facts and signature sass. Our goal is to get people thinking about the past, how it has shaped the present and what it can teach us going forward… all while having a good time.

For more information about the Good Time Girls BellingHistory Tours see our website: