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we will show you BElling-history like you've never seen it before, with signature sass and well-researched facts. 

Started in 2011 by Marissa McGrath and Sara Holodnick, the Good Time Girls provide the only regular guided historical walking tours in Bellingham, Washington. The founding mothers passed the corset strings to former guides Kolby LaBree and Wren Urbigkit in 2017.

Our tours focus on people from all walks of life, including sex workers, teetotalers, rough 'n tumble laborers, immigrants, rum-runners, and traveling preachers because their history is our history. 

We feel history is extremely interesting and important, and also often hilarious.  Our goal is to get people having as much fun with history as we do.  We hope to get you thinking about the past, how it has shaped the present and what it can teach us going forward… all while having a good time. 

Good Time Girls Founding Mothers Sara Holodnick and Marissa McGrath, above… Kolby and Wren at right

Good Time Girls Founding Mothers Sara Holodnick and Marissa McGrath, above… Kolby and Wren at right


As of 2018 Wren Urbigkit and Kolby LaBree have been"handed the corset strings" and will carry on the Good Time Girls traditions.

Wren and Kolby continue to offer the signature seasonal costumed Good Time Girls walking tours, while expanding our year-round programming and all-ages educational offerings under the name “Bellinghistory.” The Good Time Girls trademark brand of feminism, sass and entertaining history will remain at the forefront of what we do.  

Kolby is a native "hamster," mother of three and resident of the Columbia-Eldridge neighborhood. She has a degree in anthropology from WWU and a background in cultural resource management and historic preservation. She has been a tour guide and researcher with the Good Time Girls since 2012. Kolby also specializes in historical and genealogical research.

Wren is an armchair historian and public speaking nerd. She enjoys working at the beautiful Mount Baker Theater, and teaching cello lessons. She has lived in Bellingham for 10 years with her husband and two girls and currently dwells in the Birchwood Neighborhood. Wren specializes in bringing a ton of sass and personality to her tours.

As the new Bellinghistory co-owners, we are excited to be your guides to Belling-history and beyond!

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