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Guided historical walking tours of downtown and the Historic Fairhaven District in Bellingham, Washington. Public tours and private group tours available. 

Guided walking tours in bellingham, washington

Totally dug the Sin & Gin Downtown tour... [The guides] are not only super-knowledgeable in the history of Bellingham (which is oh so colorful), they seem passionate about bringing that culture alive and are also very witty. I would highly recommend this tour in our fair towns of Bellingham and Fairhaven.
— Suzy T, Bellingham

Great for locals and tourists alike, Good Time Girls Tours will show you history like you've never seen it before with our signature sass and well-researched facts. Tickets are on sale now for our 2017 Downtown Sin & Gin tours. Scroll to learn more, or get in touch to schedule a private tour for your group. 

Sin & Gin Tour

Downtown or Fairhaven


The history of prostitution and prohibition has never been so scintillating: 

Downtown: The rise and fall of Bellingham’s Red Light District meets Prohibition-Era vice Downtown. What’s that you say: Outlawing things doesn’t make them go away? Weird. Tour includes a spirits tasting at Chuckanut Bay Distillery! Ages 21+. 

Fridays & Saturdays at 4pm, April-September. Tickets on sale now. 

Fairhaven: Explore brothels and saloons on the south side of Bellingham in the Historic Fairhaven District. From Devil’s Row to Dirty Dan, Fairhaven won’t seem so quaint once the sassy, corset-clad Good Time Girls reveal its dark past.

Friday nights, July-September. Tickets on sale soon. 

Holly History Tour

Downtown Only


Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, April 1 at 11am and 1pm, leaving from Bellingham Farmers Market.  

The Holly Street History Tour uses our city’s main arterial street as a guide to our shared past. Guides stop along the way to tell stories of challenges and accomplishments, and what hasn’t really changed since Bellingham’s earliest days.

The tour covers topics of growth, social reform, the arts, women’s history, racial tensions, cooperation and environmental recovery and it is delivered with a sense of wonder and humor.


Gore & Lore Tour

Downtown or Fairhaven


On the Gore & Lore Tours of Downtown & Fairhaven we share the dirty details about some of Bellingham's legendary haunts... And goriest stories. 

Who was Spider Biles? Is there a ghost at Old Town Cafe? What's this about gruesome downtown murder? Learn all this and more on a Gore & Lore tour. 

October only. Tickets on sale soon.